Mix and Match Your Desi Outfits with Rani Runway


Ever wish you could rent traditional separates to mix and match some of your old Desi outfits? Well, with Rani Runway you finally can!

One of my biggest struggles is finding pieces to mix and match to put together a customized concept look that perfectly blends the traditional with the modern. Thankfully, Rani Runway has the perfect solution. Now, adding a fusion twist to your traditional outfits is easier than ever before


I chose a traditional lengha bottom paired with a modern black tassel blouse to start off my look (can you believe you can rent it for only $22?!?!) . I opted for a champagne silk jacket to replace the dupatta to truly emphasize the fusion touch. And of course, I couldn’t finish the outfit without a pair of my favorite sunglasses from Prive Riveaux!

If you’re looking for a new blouse to spruce up an old lengha, new bottoms to create a whole new look, or a jacket or cape to replace your dupatta — Rani Runway is the place to go to upcycle your favorite Desi outfits and have them looking like new!  


If you’re struggling to incorporate fusion pieces to your wardrobe, renting is a great way to dip your toes in the water. Rent a few pieces, see what you’re most comfortable with and most aligns with your style, and upcycle away!

Looking for something classic and traditional? Don’t worry, Rani Runway has you covered there too :)


As much as I love my fusion looks, y’all know I never give up an opportunity to dress in traditional Indian clothing, so naturally I rented a stunning royal blue churidar as well. And well, I’m obsessed. Both outfits I ordered fit perfectly according to the measurements I sent over when I ordered them.


Rani Runway not only offers designer pieces for a fraction of the cost, it also has a curated inventory of high quality pieces featuring both trendy and traditional looks — and most importantly they add new collections monthly!


If you have any questions on how to create fusion looks or what pieces to rent to revitalize your wardrobe, as always don’t hesitate to reach out. xo

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