Street to Studio: Athleisure with JUXU Sport


As someone who is constantly on the run, finding versatile clothing to wear to multiple occasions is KEY (otherwise I run the risk of turning into a crazy bag lady in the city). I feel this is especially true for workout apparel. I’m always running to the dance studio or a yoga class after work or heading out to dinner right after I workout — which is why being able to layer stylish athletic gear is an absolute necessity in my life. And let’s be honest, having a fabulous workout ensemble makes going to the gym so much more fun.


That’s why I love JUXU Sport, a body inclusive brand for stylish high-performance athletic apparel. I ordered the Performance Full Leggings in Slate Gray & Floral Blue and the Performance Bra in Ribbon Blue to add a pop of color to my gym wardrobe. The flattering fit as well as the functionality of the pieces make them the perfect style staple.


Being a Bollywood dancer and instructor, I'm almost always running to or from the dance studio. Finding leggings that are comfortable and look good on camera is essential! And my absolute favorite part? There's a hidden side pocket that fits my iPhone! Let me repeat: these leggings can securely hold your cell phone. (I really hope y'all are as excited about this as I am...) To complete my street to studio look, I paired my JUXU sports bra and leggings with cobalt blue heels and a knotted chambray shirt to create the perfect athleisure outfit. Shop the collection here:


The blue accents on these gray leggings make them especially fun to style, and I cannot wait to share more looks with you guys! But first, I'll be giving away a pair of these leggings along with a JUXU Sport tote bag to one lucky Instagram follower. So, make sure to stay tuned this week! xo


Photo Credit: Khaos Kaptured